My playlist, part one

I love listening to music. Music can make me feel sad, happy, angry etc. I listen to all different kinds of music, so I wanted to share my favorite songs with you! By every song I will tell you why it is on my playlist and where I first heard it. I decided to do my playlist in parts, because otherwise it would become a really long post. So here is the first part and I will be posting the second part - and maybe there will even be a third part- really soon!

By far my favorite song at the moment is Skinny love by Birdy. I know that is actually sung by Bon Iver, but I listen to Birdy's version- I have not heard Bon Iver's version , not yet. I heard this song in episode twenty-one of the Vampire Diaries' second season. This song totally blew me away, this song is so freaking beautiful. It absolutely fitted the scene - I almost started to cry at the funeral scene- and there is so much emotion in this song. Seriously, guys! You need to have this song on your playlist ,too!

The second song I love to listen is Make me wanna die by the Pretty Reckless. This song is so different from skinny love, but this is such a power song. It makes me feel like a rock chick. And yes, that singer is Jenny Humphrey a.k.a Taylor Momsen from Gossip Girl. I actually can not remember when I first heard this song.  I think I saw this song at Girlscene.nl -Girlscene.nl is a dutch site about fashion, beauty, lifestyle, food etc. A typical site for girls- and I decided to listen to it. After listening it a few more times, I really started to like it. If you like rocky and punky songs, you should add this song to your playlist.

Next up is 9 Crimes by Damien Rice. This song is like Skinny love, it is so beautiful and full of emotions. It is an amazing song. I heard this song in a movie trailer that the dutch blogger/youtube'er Teskuh.nl / mylovebuglife made for school and this song is so pretty. Thanks Teskuh, without you I would have never heard about this song!

Again a rocky and punky song. Faster by Within Temptation. This song makes me - just like make me wanna die does- feel like a rock chick. I feel like superwoman, like I can do everything I want to do. I first heard this song on the radio, but then i actually forgot it. While I was working on my previous post I heard this song on the radio again and I started looking for it on the internet. So when I found it, I added it to my playlist

Obsession by Sky Ferreira is such an awesome song. It makes me feel sexy of something. The melody of the song reminds me of Damon dancing in the Vampire Diaries- I forgot the episode, but I am sure it is from the first season. I think this song would fitted perfectly.  And again, the Vampire Diaries brought me here.

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